FMN Creative’s Monthly Mix – August 2017


Pour a glass of your favorite Rosé, turn your speakers on and catch up on the latest trends in social media!


– Reached 2 billion monthly users 

– Messenger ads announced

– Household targeting announced

Did you know that each day, an average of 800 million people like a Facebook post?  Hitting a milestone 2 BILLION MONTHLY USERS, Facebook is undoubtedly the most powerful advertising vehicle that exists in today’s digital world.  As Facebook has grown, so has their mission statement.  Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Facebook is making progress connecting the world and is now working on bringing the world closer together.  Facebook isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

Messenger ads have begun to roll out worldwide.  How does this impact you?  If you haven’t noticed, companies want to talk with you individually.  The variable is how you are listening.  With personalized experiences in mind, companies will soon be communicating with you through Facebook messenger and be able to share external links and information while keeping you in the Facebook interface.  For brands, this not only impacts customer service but conversion rates as well.

Just in time for the holiday season, Facebook advertising tools will soon be able to target members of the same household.  Sound creepy?  Well what is we put it in this context – in advertising, the most successful children’s products are marketed strategically to parents.  For commerce based businesses, this means that you have an open pathway to the gatekeepers and can advertise on both sides of the fence (the purchaser and the end user).  Facebook promises that for products typically purchased once per household (think of a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription) this new targeting parameter will reduce ad spend.

With over 25% of the world on Facebook (yes, you read that right – as in the entire PLANET), if your business isn’t actively advertising on the platform, you are missing out on the most promising opportunity of 2017.  Talk to us and learn how you can speak social!



– Instagram Stories hits 250 million daily users

– Platform Updates

– Live video replays

Back at the end of June, Instagram Stories hit a high of 250 million daily users, which even further widened its lead over Snapchat.  Visuals have a tremendous impact on social media, especially on a platform such as Instagram.  With the most recent update, users can now respond to stories with text, photo, and/or video. 

Instagram Stories now has the feature to save your live video and allow your followers to view it over a 24-hour window.  Even better – you can continually build your story throughout the day and still have your live video appear.  Users can swipe to switch between a live video and story content.    

Each and every month, we’ll be sharing a collection of songs that we consider to be our creative soundtrack.  You can tell a lot about a person by the music that they listen to, so consider this an invitation to jump into our hearts and minds (ears, too!), and get to know us like you’ve never known us before.


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