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We work with a variety of clients, from service-based industries and not-for-profits to funded start-ups, educational institutions, and more, we have a passion for working with heart-centered organizations that want to make an impact.  We not only want to provide a return on your investment, but we also want you to experience a return on impact.  We have been fortunate to experience the incredible social impact that have resulted from some of the campaigns that we’ve created, and we look for that touch of emotion in every campaign we work on.

We also frequently partner with other agencies.  Whether they would like to offer our services to their client or are working on a state or federal contract, we value partnerships with other creative agencies.

We’re glad you asked!  Let us explain…

We are NOT a Typical ‘Agency’

  • It’s no secret…the typical agency business model is broken and doesn’t always work in favor of the client.  We’re here to change that.  We value transparency and work side-by-side with our clients.

We Focus on Customer Acquisition and Engagement

  • Every business needs business.  Our specialty is utilizing social media channels to build customer acquisition strategies that foster engagement and turn clicks into customers.

We Build Our Team Around Your Needs

  • We work with specialists, not generalists.  That’s why we frequently pair with other partners to bring you a cohesive, 360-degree digital marketing team that can handle all of your marketing needs.

We Work Virtually

  • Consider us your out-sourced, in-house digital marketing team that can deliver results faster than you can say ‘hashtag’.

We Have Heart

  • ROI has more than one meaning to us. While we focus on maximizing your budget and helping you receive a financial benefit, we value the Return On Impact your campaign will make.

Want to find out for yourself?  Book a discovery call and let’s chat!

Consider our team at FMN Creative, your team!  We are full-service in offerings, but boutique in focus.  We truly value one-on-one client relationships and are right there with you – from ideation to implementation, creating and celebrating your success every step of the way.  Consider us your ‘outsourced’ in-house team!

While we are based in Utica, New York, our clients span far and wide, and the majority of our team works remotely.  We are a team of digital marketing specialists, not generalists, who value transparency and ensuring that you are involved as much (or as little) as you are comfortable with.  We believe that you should own your data and work with you to ensure proper tracking measures are in place so your online can always be working for you!

We have a range of services that we offer.  Social media services aren’t one-size-fits-all!  Once we get to learn more about your project needs, we will present you with a proposal that details our custom solution.

For small businesses and professionals looking to level-up their online presence, we have bite-sized services available in our Social Shop.

While we have base rates available for all of our services, our prices are tailored around your specific needs.  We have project-based pricing for short-run campaigns and retainer-based pricing if you’re looking for long-term social media services.

If you’re working on a fixed budget, we would be happy to have a conversation about what services we offer in your price range.

If you’re coming to us with specific goals and intended outcomes, we will give you a custom quote for every part of the digital marketing puzzle it will take to get you there.

Tell us about your digital marketing needs!

Fill out our form and tell us about your business and/or current project. A member of our team will reach out and schedule an initial discovery call so we can have a discussion and get to learn more about your current needs. During our initial conversation, we will each get to know each other and determine if our services are a fit for your needs.

This is a common question we get asked and, realistically, it varies based on the scope of your project and your current set up.  There are many factors that influence the build-out of a campaign, such as content development, landing page(s) that may have to be built, marketing funnels, email automations, etc.  There is much to social media that you don’t see!  When we begin your project, we will develop a timeline tailored to your specific campaign needs.

Every client and campaign is different, but typically our minimum campaign agreement allows for up to (3) months of paid advertising so we can find the best combination of creative + targeting + placement + all of the other social media variables that will result in the most favorable outcome for your campaigns.

No, we have a service-based business model and price according to your campaign needs.  While we understand where clients come from when they ask us this question, we provide many services beyond what your target audience will see in their social media streams.  Therefore, we price according to the services that go into the building, execution, and maintenance of your campaigns, not the results.

Hopefully by now, you know that our team at FMN Creative is friendly, down-to-earth, easy to work with, and is passionate about all things social media.  How do you know that? 

Each word on every page of our website was carefully crafted so you could get a sense of who we are as a company. 

Did you notice our humanized communication style that makes us feel like your digital best friend?  Yeah, that’s intentional and deeply rooted in our brand voice, tone, and beliefs.

A brand voice is a distinct way in which your company communicates: The personality, emotion, values, and impression you give your audience.

For example, when a company has many employees, how can you ensure that they all equally represent and communicate on behalf of that business effectively?  We work with clients to develop brand voice guidelines not only for their social media efforts but even for their daily communication needs.

Need to raise the volume on your brand’s voice?  Let’s get to know each other.

We are living in a time where social media is evolving each and every day!  That’s why it’s important to have a team that focuses on how to stop thumbs (and win hearts!) across social media feeds and streams.  While we can give you a realistic price of what your budget should be to accomplish your goals, the prices will vary based on the platform, audience targeting, media that will be used in the campaign, etc.

Not a problem, we have clients that span across the globe!  Our furthest client was located in Barcelona, Spain!

We are located in Utica, New York, and as a virtual agency, we have the latest technology to make working with us feel like you were right alongside us in our office.  We utilize Zoom, project management software, and communication tools that will allow you full transparency into your project and/or ongoing social media efforts.  We truly want to feel like your in-house team and value personalized communication.  

When you work with us, you can expect routine check-ins, monthly reports when campaigns are live, and a timely response when you give us a call or send an email.

ROI = Return on Investment and also Return on Impact.

ROAS = Return On Ad Spend aka the money you will make back from your investment in the media buy itself.

CPC = Cost Per Click aka if your audience sees your ad in their news feed, this is the cost for them to actually take an action and click through the advertisement they see.

CPL = Cost Per Lead aka if we are running a lead generation campaign for you, this is a way to see how much an individual lead has cost you.

CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions aka this is the number that will help you measure the cost to optimally show your ad a frequent number of times to the total audience.  Looking to scale your campaigns?  This is the metric you really want to pay attention to.

CPR = Cost Per Result aka you won’t need life support once you see how low we can get your Facebook ad results!

Leave crunching your social metrics to us! 🤓  Explore our Services.

Once we begin working together and determine the level of involvement you would like in your day-to-day social media efforts, we put a plan in place that streamlines communication and allows you to focus on what you do best.  We value transparency and are known for overusing Zoom to make sure we get the face time we need with our clients. 

While we wish that we could guarantee your social success, the only thing we can guarantee is our commitment to you!

We’ve seen bad offers happen to great businesses, sometimes you just can’t help it because the client wants a certain offer but their audience isn’t biting.  If we notice that your results are less than favorable, we will tell you and come up with a plan to get your campaigns back on course. 

Want to know the best part of social media advertising?  They aren’t billboard ads that take months to change, they can be changed with just a few clicks!  When your campaigns are live, we monitor their daily performance and can make adjustments before a problem even occurs.  

The one thing we know for sure is that we will give your campaign every single creative idea we have!  That’s why when campaigns require elements that step outside of our zone of expertise, we aren’t afraid to collaborate with one of our trusted agency partners to bring their creative expertise to your project.  We like to think outside the box and put ourselves in your audience’s seat.  When we dig deep into who your target audience is, where they live online, and find solutions for what keeps them up at night, we create a custom experience that turns a simple click into a customer.

Visit our Work With Us page and fill out our contact form.  A member of our team will reach out and schedule an initial discovery call so we can learn more about your current needs.  During the call, you can expect us to ask about your goals, current marketing activities, budget, and services that we offer that may be a solution.

That’s a great start!  Our team at FMN Creative can partner with your organization for a number of things – strategy development, paid social media advertising, social media management, email marketing, and more!  Our goal is never to replace your existing team, but to complement their efforts and help your company realize a return on your marketing budget. 

Tell us about your project!

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