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Fall Back In Love With Your Brand

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The leaves are changing and so are we! 

It’s time to start thinking about your relationship with your brand differently.  We have all heard the never-ending monologue on “creating value” and “selling yourself”.  I’m sure you also know the age-old question; what is your “why”?  Why do you do what you do?  The problem here is that we almost always answer this question by how we provide value to others; our consumers.  Have you thought about asking how you provide value to yourself?

Who cares, right?  Well, we do!  And you should too!  You can’t expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself first.  The same goes for your brand.  Rediscovering what your brand means to you is the first step into falling back in love with it.  So, grab a drink (we’ll be opting for an iced caramel latte), and let’s get to work!

Key Questions

Start by asking yourself these questions to get your brain thinking…

  • Take a trip down memory lane back to the moment you had that lightbulb-above-your-head idea for your brand.  What triggered that idea?  What about it excited you?
  • How has your brand evolved since that initial idea?  Good or bad, is your brand true to your original vision?
  • Look into your crystal ball and imagine the future of your brand.  What possibilities for growth do you see?
  • You wake up tomorrow and your brand has reached ultimate success.  What does that look like?  (Followers? Dollar signs?)
Your brand is better than you think!

So… you have left the honeymoon stage in your relationship with your brand.  You are not alone.  Amidst the day-to-day work, it can be easy to feel unsure about what the future holds for your brand.  The truth is, your brand is improving every day you spend with it.  From your messaging to your imagery, your brand’s greatest strengths (and weaknesses) might be right in front of you. Don’t believe us?  Take a look around at other brands like yours.  Odds are, they struggling with at least one aspect of their brand just like you are.  All brands are works in progress.  That’s what makes them exciting!

Self-Love is never selfish! 

When others compliment your brand, you do not have to be modest all of the time.  Take it in.  Take credit.  You have earned it!  Those endless email threads and back-to-back zoom calls all start to become worth it when you take a minute to acknowledge your success.  Take pride in even the smallest successes and appreciate the work it took to get there.  Next time your brand gets some love, try responding with “Thank you, we are super proud of the work we do!” or “We put in the hours, thank you for noticing!”  And if you need a little extra boost, you can even be your brand’s own hype man with mantras like…

Take it from us!

We get it.  Finding how your brand provides value to you is not an easy task!  While we can’t find the answer for you, we can share our own.  We asked some of our team how they provide value to themselves and how that translates to their providing value to others.  Here’s what they had to say.

Francesca: When starting FMN Creative, I knew that I had to find joy in my brand and find a reason to continuously be inspired in the work that I do.  For me, (as we all know) it always comes down to the music.  It’s the first creative outlet that I found my own, personal voice and it’s the ‘why’ behind it.  Even down to naming my business, I wanted my business to feel more than just XYZ Social Media Agency. I decided that I wanted to use my family’s initials to make it feel more personalized.  From my love for music to incorporating my family, FMN Creative continually feels like an expression of myself and my overall personality.”

Cole: I provide value to myself by exploring new things.  The world of social media and digital marketing is ever-changing and it’s fun to find new, undiscovered, marketing strategies that help us do great work for our clients.  This keeps me constantly thinking of ways to create better results for those who work with us and means we never the same day twice!”

Alex:When I think of the value I provide myself through my work, I think of an endless creative outlet.  Whether it’s copywriting, graphic design, or campaign work, the materials I create allow space for my thoughts to live and breathe.  Regardless of the medium, I believe the value this content provides me through creating it, will then do the same for those who experience it.  (Hint: You’re reading one of those pieces now!)”


Turn over a new leaf! 

Still not in love with your brand?  That’s okay.  We always say marketing is not built on overnight sensations.  Agencies like us examine the puzzle of your brand, identify the pieces that aren’t fitting, and shape new ones so that it continues to grow.  From switching up your social, to streamlining your site, we specialize in the evolution of brands.

Your audience is ready to fall in love with the next era of your brand.  Are you?

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