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iOS 14 + Facebook Pixel: What You Need to Know

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The world of Facebook marketing just got even more interesting.  If you haven’t heard, Apple’s newest update (iOS 14) is changing the way marketers are able to reach and track their audiences. 

In an effort to protect users’ privacy, Apple will now give all iOS users the option to choose whether sites can track their activity on apps and websites.  Prior to this, users were left in the dark to know if their information was being shared.  This move has put all brands in the hot seat and forced them to think outside the box, including Facebook. 

How does this impact you?  For organizations that are running ads on Facebook (or planning to in the near future), critical changes have to be made to ensure compliance with these new policies and to avoid interruptions in ad performance.

As you know, Facebook Pixel is our friend, helping us track conversions, optimize ads, generate new leads, and boost retargeting efforts.  The pixel is a line of code on your site that helps track events such as key page views, time spent on a specific page, when a user initiates a checkout, purchases, you name it!  Prior to this change, we used to be able to customize many details of what we could track on a page, until now.

Facebook has responded to Apple’s requests by restricting the number of events marketers (like us) can track to only eight.  This doesn’t mean that it is now impossible to reach your audience, it just means that we have to reframe our approach to analytics.

Want to stay ahead of the curve?  Take these steps… 👇

  • Verify your domain with Facebook
  • Prioritize your 8 unique events
  • Enable Conversions API
  • Enable Value Optimization (VO)

That’s where we come in!  FMN has taken a proactive approach to ensure that our digital partners are equipped with the right tools to stay ahead of the pack.  Are you appropriately tracking user information?  Are you tracking the right conversions to best reach your audience?  Our socialites are at your fingertips to answer these questions and allow you to connect to your audience like never before!

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