Marketing Is Our Music… and we believe your marketing system should work like a symphony.

Timely, sequenced, in unison, and all working together to create a beautiful noise.

Our Creative Crew

FMN Creative is a virtual collective of CREATIVES—Social Media Marketers, Designers, Developers, Strategists, Photographers, Videographers, etc., who share a passion for delivering agency-sized results with a personalized approach. We believe that marketing is based on connections—connections between your brand and your audience, your content and digital platforms, and your business and a repeatable sales process.

Our boutique nature allows us to have an individualized client focus. We aren’t here to push agency tactics, we do what is best for you. We build our creative team around your project needs.

Meet Our Founder & Creative Director

Francesca Orsomarso

Always caught between my passions for marketing and music, I founded FMN Creative in 2016 to offer brands a music-inspired marketing methodology to connect and engage with their audience online.

With my educational background in Recording Industry and Marketing Management, I always thought I was more destined for the stage than behind a computer screen. It took working in the music industry and experiencing a corporate agency lifestyle to help me realize that although my instruments may have changed, my purpose is the same.

I believe the same universal truths apply in music and in marketing. When we feel a connection, we feel an emotion. When we feel an emotion, we take action. Whether that action is singing and dancing along to your favorite song, or purchasing from a brand that genuinely connects with you, inspired actions elicit results. At the end of the day, I’m a storyteller trying to move an audience through emotions… and that’s exactly what I aim to do for businesses and non-profits just like yours!

Just like a solo artist needs a band, I wanted to create an agency that would steer away from the broken agency model. I wanted to work with specialists, not generalist, and once I started on my own I quickly realized that my clients wanted the same. That’s why we build our team directly around our client’s needs. While we are a boutique Social Media Agency, we partner with some of the best creative-preneur specialists to create a cohesive, full-service experience for clients.

Now it’s time for us to learn about you! Let’s connect and see if we’re a fit for your business needs.


We work with brands we believe in.

We aspire to make others feel the same.