Announcing FMN CREATIVE!


We are LAUNCHED!  As a boutique marketing agency, our individualized focus is on you.  From the inspiration behind FMN to where we are today, the following is a message from our founder, Francesca Orsomarso.

What is the craziest idea you have ever dreamt of?

For me, my life’s mission is to always have a greater impact than myself.  From a young age, I always knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur, at some stage of my life, but why not now? 

While my educational path matched my passions, marketing and music business, I never thought a company that I envisioned could exist.  In school and life, you are always encouraged to color inside the lines, and limit everything you could imagine to what you already know.  Benchmark your beliefs to what everyone else has already accomplished.  Fortunately, I find that impossible.

When I got a coveted opportunity to pursue a career in the music industry, a mentor asked me, ‘Pick which side of the desk you want to sit on.  Do you want to be a creative, or do you want to be an executive?  Shellshocked, I replied…BOTH!  It’s funny how in the moment, this seemed like just an ordinary question.  Whereas, looking back, this question has helped propel me to today.

Blurring the lines of two industries that are so seemingly connected – marketing and music, it is without further ado, that I announce the launch of FMN CREATIVE

Have you counted the number of times your digital device captures your attention in a single day?  How much time are you really spending on social media?  I guarantee both of these numbers are much higher than you think.  We are in an exciting time of change.  If a business doesn’t have a buzzing social media presence, a high Google search rating, or consistent email interaction, it is likely that they will not be earning your business.  Why?  They don’t have your attention!  Traditional media has become too traditional.  As a society, we have outgrown newspaper ads and television commercials, we no longer want to be ‘shouted at,’ we want to be engaged.

I founded FMN CREATIVE in 2016 to offer new and existing businesses a way to discover their brand’s voice and cultivate real relationships between their company and their audience.  As a digital company, our goal is to work with local, regional, and national clients to develop the core messages that are at the heart of a brand, and then create the content for the platforms on which it will shine.  Through developing an integrated marketing system, a brand isn’t limited to just a social media profile, but an approach that allows them to engage and connect with their audience in a digital way.  As a boutique company, my team is able to focus on key specialties and offer clients a personalized experience.  Aiming to become a brand’s marketing partner, clients are able to scale their involvement within their marketing strategy.  From a full-time social media community manager to just consultation, we are able to scale our services to meet certain needs.

THE PEOPLE!  I couldn’t make this announcement without spotlighting the individuals who helped make this dream a reality.  From family and friends, to incredible mentors, every bit of advice and experience has fueled this company.  From branding, copywriting, graphics, photography, and more, FMN CREATIVE has agency partners that offer specialized services.  Everyday, this company strives to make a difference, from how we connect with our clients to the work we produce.  By having specialists on our team, we are giving clients tailored services that match their industry and command our full attention.  We aren’t here to push agency tactics before our clients beliefs, uniquely, we integrate our clients into our strategy. 

FMN CREATIVE is based out of ThINCubator, which is located in my hometown of Utica, New York.  Through ThINCubator I have had the opportunity to learn from inspiring mentors and work alongside other incredible entrepreneurs.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to run the company from such an inspiring spot.  While our location helps us directly serve the community in which I grew up, as a digital company, the opportunities are endless!  As we close in on the end of 2016, I am thrilled to see what the next year brings!


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