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Meet the Team: Vanessa

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When our Creative Crew sat down in December of 2021 to iron out a job description for a graphic designer, we had one criterion that outweighed the rest.

Beyond talent and above experience, our pick needed to have what we like to call the “creative gene”. This innovative sixth sense fuels our agency and allows us to unlock fresh ideas to service a diverse roster of clients. 

We are thrilled to announce we have found the next perfect fit for our little bunch of social nerds. Please welcome, Vanessa!

With 15 years of experience in using art and design to bring messages to life, she has proved to be a graphic designer and more! Vanessa’s masterful organizational skills have transformed the day-to-day flow of FMN Creative. By also serving as a Project Manager, Vanessa combines her multi-dimensional talents to provide value for FMN and ultimately our clients. We are so excited for you to meet the newest addition to our Creative Crew. 

Get to know our “Visual Wiz” with our latest Meet the Team Q+A!
Tell us the story of discovering and choosing FMN Creative.

“I discovered FMN’s website while searching for a new opportunity in our local area. Intrigued by FMN’s music-inspired approach to marketing, I reached out to Francesca, who fatefully happened to be writing up a job description for a graphic designer position. I think we both knew at that moment that the matchup was meant to be, and I’m grateful to be working on a team of like-minded creatives with whom I click so seamlessly, doing work that I love and that makes a difference.”

We call ourselves a “Creative Crew” – What unique skills / perspectives do you add to the team?

“With FMN Creative, I have the pleasure of designing for both our internal agency marketing, as well as for our many clients, so my experience working in both freelance and in-house design roles has been instrumental in being able to switch gears (functionally and conceptually) on short notice, and design for a wide range of tones and voices. The creative process is at the heart of everything I do, and I’m fueled by my passion for finding visual solutions to problems, and giving life to stories, ideas, and experiences through the power of art and design.”

What does it mean to you to “Speak Social”?

“For me, ‘Speaking Social’ goes so far beyond the intricate world of social media. I’m a natural-born introvert who’s gone from a shy girl afraid to leave her bubble, to someone who seeks out and cherishes new relationships and connections. In order to thrive in this industry, you have to whole-heartedly believe in the amount of good that can come from connecting with others, sharing interests and passions, and listening to (and learning from) one another. ‘Speaking Social’ is essential for empathy, growth, and for ideas to prevail.”

How do you get inspired?

“Go for a run, search Pinterest and check out amazing work from other artists and designers, switch up my perspective and view the world through the eyes of my kid.”

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