Meet the Team: Ally Campbell – FMN Creative

Meet the Team: Ally Campbell

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We are excited to announce the latest Socialite to join the FMN Creative team, Ally Campell.  As FMN Creative’s Digital Marketing intern, Ally joined our team in August 2018 and has been integrated into many facets of our growing digital agency.  With an undeniable passion and talent for this industry, we asked Ally to share a glimpse behind the scenes of her internship experience.

First Thing’s First, Where Are You Going To College And What Are You Studying?

I am currently studying at Utica College and am majoring in Business with a concentration in Marketing Management.  I will be graduating in 2020!  I was also born and raised in Utica.

What Led You To Be Interested In The Marketing/Advertising Industry? 

I have always had a flair for creativity growing up, which was shown in all of my hobbies (photography, creative writing, etc.).  I began my college career studying pre-law, then quickly realized that I needed to have a job that allowed me to express my creativity, which led me to ultimately make the switch to marketing and advertising!  I’ve been studying it ever since.

What Inspires You About This Industry?

There’s so much!!  I really love an intricate, creative marketing campaign.  If done well, a company’s branding is one of my favorite aspects of marketing.  If a brand cuts through the norm and does what no one else is doing – and essentially innovates marketing as we know it now – then I take notice.  What inspires me about advertising is how it’s transcended to all social media platforms and is virtually achievable for any brand or company.

What Is Your Favorite Social Media Platform?  Why?

Definitely Instagram.  I think that their “Stories” feature is a great tool for social media outreach.  Showing the day-to-day operation of a company or client is a great way to relate to an audience and is something I enjoy from other brands.  I am constantly clicking through them in my spare time.  I also appreciate a well-thought-out Instagram theme or aesthetic.  You know, keeping the colors consistent, switching it up with creative content, etc.  It’s important to employ consistency among the photos and content posted, and it creates a genuine brand identity.

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Brands/Companies To Follow On Social Media?  Why?

That’s a hard one… I have so many!  I love calligraphy and graphic design, and love @hey.halle@bearfoxchalk, and @calligkatrina on Instagram. I also follow @nicebranding@swellpress@magnolia, and @ameliasflowertruck.  There are even some people whose feeds I love and try to emulate.  If a brand can find the perfect balance of visual appeal and creative content, then I’m instantly a fan.

What Do You Love Most About Social Media?

As much as it is a way to connect to other people, it is a powerful tool in business, as well.  I am able to write blogs, take photos, or work on behalf of a marketing campaign for a company and just as easily share it with my friends and family.  It’s a personal tool and a professional tool, which is a sentiment to how important it is in our modern society.  My career path uses it more than many others, but it is utilized by almost everyone.

What Do You Enjoy Doing In Your Spare Time?

I love photography and have been taking photos almost all of my life!  I love taking pictures of my friends and family – especially my baby nephew Jaxson. Spending time with him is a hobby of mine in and of itself!  I also love to travel and am planning to study abroad next year in Italy.

How Would You Describe FMN Creative To A Stranger? 

I could go on forever!  I would say that it is a locally-owned and locally-focused business, which is specifically important to me.  As much as it is focused on creating great content and implementing social media projects, FMN Creative is focused on initiatives that benefit Utica, New York and brand initiatives within the city.  A lot of the company’s work is focused on the betterment of the community, which I value in marketing.  It reminds you why it’s so important in our world!  As fast as my internship is flying by with all of the fun projects I’ve been a part of, I don’t want it to end!

In True FMN Creative Fashion, We Asked Ally To Share The Songs On Her Playlist.  Listen Now On Spotify!