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FMN Creative’s Fall Mix

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If you’ve been following FMN Creative‘s social media, you probably know by now that this Fall has been BUSY!  Between hosting social media events, bringing a new team member on board, announcing our NYS WBE Certification, and taking on new clients, we are winding down 2018 on a high note!

Have You Been Keeping Track Of Everything That’s Been Going On In The Social Media Sphere? 
Say Goodbye To Low-Quality Ads

You may have noticed that Facebook is enhancing its user ad experience. No longer will consumers scroll through “low quality” ads on their feed, including clickbait (those ads that make you read FAKE story and then that page turns to SPAM or unexpected content).  With enhanced ad approval, it is becoming harder for inexperienced advertisers or low-quality ads to be on the platform.  Thankfully, this will only enhance the quality of our time spent on Facebook. 

Facebook Pixel: First-Party Cookies

Do you have Facebook Pixel installed on your website?  If not, you are missing a vital opportunity to advertise to your website visitors and also track their engagement and journey!  In October, Facebook made an important update to their pixel that now reduces the chance that users can block Facebook’s pixel tracker (third-part cookie blockers) by releasing first-party cookies.  This update allows advertisers (like us) to get a better scope of how our clients’ audience is interacting with their ads and moving through expected actions on their website.  

Facebook Attribution

Running ads across multiple Facebook-owned platforms?  More than just comparing your organic to paid results, Facebook recently rolled out a new measurement tool that allows a big picture view of how advertisers micro-marketing tactics within their platform are working.  This view will show how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are working, and measure the estimated incremental impact of all your marketing efforts on improving your business results (compared to if you were not running ads).

Want to use your Facebook presence to GROW your business? 

From generating sales to qualifying leads and raising awareness for your business, we can make Facebook Ads work for your business!  Contact us to learn how our team can help!

Hello, Nametags

Remember how big QR codes were a few years ago?   Well, Instagram recently rolled out ‘Nametags’, a QR-like feature that allows users to create personalized “nametags” that can be scanned by other users within the Instagram app.  When someone scans your individual Nametag, they’ll be shown a prompt to follow you.  This will allow users to connect easier and reduce the need to go through long searches.

Source: Instagram

How can you implement this?  Take a screenshot of your brand’s nametag and post it on your website, on all of your other social media accounts, create an email marketing campaign, and if you have a physical location, why not display your nametag near the checkout!

Longer Instagram Stories

If you’ve updated your Instagram app, you may have noticed that there isn’t a time limit to your Stories anymore!  Instagram now allows stories that are longer than 15 seconds to be ‘stitched’ together.  Give it a try by showing your audience a peek behind the scenes – interview your staff membersshow what a ‘day in the life’ looks likeshow how products are made, and ultimately, use Stories to humanize your brand!

Introducing Quick Replies

As Social Media Managers and Advertisers, we find ourselves continually responding to the same customer inquiries for brands we manage all the time.  What are your hours?  Where are you located?  Do you deliver?  All of those questions can seamlessly be answered with the touch of a button thanks to Instagram’s latest feature, Quick Replies.  Nestled under your settings, this feature is only available to business accounts and make take some time to set up, but we promise it will be worth it!

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