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Upstate Cerebral Palsy


As one of the largest non-profit organizations in Central New York, Upstate Cerebral Palsy creates everyday miracles through providing services for disabled individuals. 

With hundreds of job openings to fill amidst a global pandemic, Upstate Cerebral Palsy (UCP) tapped our team to develop a cross-channel digital campaign that would showcase the culture of this organization while recruiting quality team members in the social services industry.

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  • Campaign Creation + Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation + Nurturing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Training
  • Videography
  • Website Design + Development


Digital Presence + Recruitment

Our team developed a digital strategy that included creating a microsite, a variety of video content, and a paid social advertising strategy. We shortened the client’s lengthy recruitment process by creating a microsite that collects a simplified employment application and allows for easy tracking. We utilized Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube ads to drive traffic to the website. Additionally, we integrated LinkedIn Recruiter and working with the client’s HR team to ensure that they were using LinkedIn to follow-up with those engaging with the campaign material.


Rolling With the Punches

COVID threw us a curveball and changed the scope of work, increasing the client’s need to fill positions and preventing us from executing original production concepts. In following COVID protocols, we developed different campaign concepts that would allow us to safely film outdoors and utilize user-generated content to fill in the gaps. Our team created a variety of media content to be used throughout digital and traditional placements.

‘Even From a Distance, We Are Creating Everyday Miracles’

With needing to recruit for many education positions, we highlighted Special Education Teachers through the lens through which they taught: their phones and computers.

Crafting a Custom Recruitment Website + Funnel

With the objective of simplifying the application process, we developed a custom WordPress microsite to support two user journeys – a shortened application to get their recruitment journey started, and those that had time to complete a long-form application.

  • Custom WordPresss UI/UX development
  • Custom copy, photo/video content, and design
  • Provided heat mapping and analysis to ensure web functionality
  • Email marketing automation based on user behavior and submitting an application


As UCP was recruiting for highly skilled professional positions in the medical and education industries, we utilized paid LinkedIn ads and LinkedIn Recruiter to ensure that our campaign was reaching a global professional audience.

  • Executed a variety of ad types, including position-specific lead generation, awareness, and traffic advertisements
  • Hyper-targeted a niche professional demographic, including Speech Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, Social Workers, Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBA), and more
  • Targeted ads by seniority, past professional experience, and more
  • Provided consulting to our client’s HR Team to ensure they understood how to use LinkedIn Recruiter during and beyond the campaign

Lead Generation + Nurturing

To ensure communication throughout the recruitment journey, we utilized Mailchimp to create a series of email campaigns that auto-send once an application is received. The emails highlight the company culture, a message from HR staff, and more. We achieved open and click rates far above the industry’s average performance in these areas.

  • 73.8% Open Rate (Industry average 20.5%)
  • 37.2% Click Rate (Industry average 2.2%%)

Social Media Advertising and Strategy

We utilized (4) Social Media Channels to raise awareness, drive paid traffic, and solicit job applicants. Each platform proved to be successful for different seniority levels of employees that we were recruiting for.

  • Executed Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube paid ads
  • Daily campaign optimization, A/B testing, and community management of engagement on ads
  • Supplied client with a live dashboard to view campaign performance
  • Automatic lead notification to HR staff for on-platform leads
  • Campaign execution included 14 Meta campaigns, 30 ad sets, and 49 ads

Content Creation

With recruitment being an ongoing need, we created a content bank of custom videos and photos that can be used for years beyond our engagement. By creating three campaign themes and multiple videos per story arc, we were able to provide the client with over 75+ videos and a variety of content to fill their paid and organic strategies across digital and traditional media.



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