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Jennie Mazza Jones


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in Child Centered Play Therapy, Jennie Mazza Jones needed a brand as strong as the impact she has in the lives of children.  

She tapped our team to craft a unique brand identity for her growing practice and to build the foundation for her marketing success.

  • Branding
  • Brand Voice Development
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Branding


Full Scope Brand Audit and Development 

As a private practitioner, Jennie Mazza Jones needed more than a professional logo.  Our client needed every aspect of her brand developed, from a memorable tagline to striking visuals that shaped a professional presentation for her office.  Our client’s brand strategy involved digital and traditional usage, such as brand assets for social media, web, and email marketing.  Additionally, as our client sees patients in-person, she needed assets developed such as appointment reminders and business cards, stationery, and more.


Through our Brand Discovery process, we crafted a unique brand voice, tone, sentiments, and tagline options.

We presented the client with three differing visual concepts and ultimately finalized a custom drawn logo that represented a cohesive balance between professionalism and child-like wonder.  To execute beyond the logo, we developed custom materials that can be used physically in her practice.

Logo Design Concepts
Final Identity













“I love my logo and love the way Francesca and Maria supported me along the way!”
Jennie Mazza Jones

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