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Caitlin Cooper


As a Professional Matchmaker, Meditation Teacher, and Relationship Coach, Caitlin Cooper came to FMN Creative looking for a digital strategy for a video course that was in development.

Once we dug into the wealth of content she created, we realized our skills were the perfect match to help her build the foundation for a digital empire.

With an undeniable potential to become social media’s dating sweetheart,  we helped Caitlin launch multiple digital products and establish an online infrastructure that will last the test of time.

  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Kajabi Course Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Training
  • Website Design

Branding completed in partnership with Inspired Studio

The Challenge

Develop a Personal Brand + Digital Empire

When we first met Caitlin Cooper, she was a  multifaceted professional providing a range of services in the dating and wellness space.  In order to claim her  space in a male-dominated industry, we knew we had to craft a unique brand identity that matched our client’s authenticity.  We helped construct a thriving online business model that could sustain multiple online courses and digital products.

The Process

Throughout our Discovery Phase, we found that Caitlin had the components for multiple products that could be created out of her existing content.  We helped bring Caitlin’s content to life by utilizing Kajabi, an all-in-one platform designed for course creators.

Phase 1
  • Performed audience + competitive Research
  • Content Audit of All Supplied Materials
  • Set strategic goals
  • Performed a Social Strategy Roadmap
  • Crafted a Sellable Story
Phase 2
  • Visual Brand Development – Logos, fonts, color palettes, imagery, mood board
  • Moved client from Squarespace to Kajabi
  • Built out Kajabi to include external (public-facing) and internal websites (for students)
  • Developed custom copy and visuals for all Kajabi elements
Phase 2
  • Built out and launched multiple products
  • Developed multiple digital funnels, which included sales pages, checkouts, email marketing, and more
  • Provided organic social media training
  • Launched paid social media advertising campaigns
  • Provided Kajabi maintenance and support


We  developed custom graphics and copywriting for web and sales pages, the technical build-out of the Kajabi platform, automated email campaigns, and a series of paid and organic social content. We helped to launch multiple courses and digital products, a custom website, an online store, and various marketing funnels that continue to connect Caitlin Cooper with her online audience.


  • Established a unique brand identity, including a primary and secondary logo to support Caitlin Cooper’s personal brand
  • Developed custom branding for multiple e-courses, including a course logo, course materials, graphics for supporting content, etc.
  • Crafted a brand voice, including tone, sentiments, and personality


  • Built out multiple courses and digital products utilizing Kajabi, an all-in-one platform designed for course creators
  • Development included custom websites for external (public-facing) and internal users (students)
    Created multi-module e-courses with community features, upsell/cross-sell options, audio/video, and more
  • Created multi-module e-courses with community features, upsell/cross-sell options, audio/video, and more
  • Created various marketing funnels and automations within the Kajabi platform
  • Provided custom visual and written material, including sales pages, checkouts, automated email marketing, and more

Social Media

  • Developed a social media strategy and paid campaign to support multiple online products
  • Provided overall social media strategy and ongoing consultation
  • Provided TikTok training


We developed a strategy for Caitlin’s TikTok and within 2021, Caitlin went viral. To capitalize on this audience, we
developed a campaign, ‘TikMatched’, which took her highly engaged audience to apply via a landing page to join a private dating pool and get matched. This became an instant success, and a thriving business model of online programs.

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