Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook: How To Tell Your Story Without Losing It

If you’ve updated your Facebook app on a mobile device, you may have noticed a familiar feature made its way to the platform, Stories.  The leading social media platform now closely resembles its sister platform, Instagram.  After Instagram Stories rolled out this past August, the platform skyrocketed to 150 million daily users. Experiencing the rapid success of a 24-hour status update inspired Facebook to integrate the Stories feature within its native platform. While it hasn’t yet been announced if the feature will make its way to Facebook pages or groups, it is clear that cameras are replacing keyboards. It is without a doubt that the future of social media is in our own hands.

With all of the ways to tell your ‘story’ in a social world, how does yours not get lost?
Follow these tips to rise above the social noise!

Be authentic.  Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc., you want your audience to look at your social profile and understand who you are, what your core message/product/service/brand is about, and what value they would receive if they followed you.  If it doesn’t feel right to you, it definitely won’t feel right to your audience.  Self-awareness can be considered a sport.  The more you share your journey to attaining the next level of success, the more people will follow.

A doer of all is a master of none.  When it comes to social media, lose the millennial mindset of being a ‘hustler’ or a ‘digital nomad’. Regardless if you are a personal or big-box brand, being everywhere on social media gets you nowhere!  Focus on your strengths, interests, and capabilities.  Although you may not be your own target market, don’t commit to creating content that you yourself wouldn’t enjoy.  You can always attract an audience, but you can’t create one.  Choose which platform(s) you genuinely love and consider what types of content you will need to create to spark a conversation with your audience.

Good content has heart.  It’s no secret that people buy from people.  Show your audience that there is an actual human on the other side of the screen!  Find a common thread and vocalize it.  Even the people that work in the most boring industries celebrate birthdays.  Don’t be afraid to create content from everyday life.  How do you build a social following that isn’t filled with robots and spam accounts?  By engaging with your audience!  Ask a question, reply to your comments, and interact as much as possible.  The power of social media only works when you socialize.  Top performing content makes you feel something.  That feeling is what leads you to take action!

Talk taboo.  You know those Facebook and YouTube videos of birds talking and bowling balls being cut open?  They reached _ million(s) of people because the content itself became a conversation.  As long as your content is relevant to your brand, don’t limit yourself to only what you have seen others do.  Extraordinary content can turn an ordinary business into a viral success.

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